Särkijärven, Finland

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Judy inside with the snow falling outside our “cottage” at Särkijärven Majat
The cottage we are staying at
Deadly sharp icicles

After long distances the ice builds up in the wheel-well. The ice here is about 4cm thick and when you eventually turn into a carpark after a long drive the tyres make noise scraping against the ice.
What reindeer to eat for dinner?

Swans swimming on icy lake
Swans swimming on icy lake
We go on about icicles too much, but they are so exotic to us, here is a large one we found.
We go on about icicles too much, but they are so exotic to us, here is a large one we found.



8 thoughts on “Särkijärven, Finland

  1. How is your body coping with the long nights? Do you regulate by following a clock or ….? Great trip – Kerry x

    1. Hi Kerry! It would be a very different life if one had to work and get kids off to school and do all the usual everyday things. There just aren’t the usual cues we use to tell us when it’s morning and when it’s evening … and it’s the same for most of the year. In summer, it’s light all or most of the time, in winter it’s the opposite. It took us about a week to get used to it getting dark just after midday, and to not want to go to bed as soon as it got dark. Now, we get out and do stuff in the few hours of daylight – walk, go and see things, shop.
      We’re lucky that we don’t need to be anywhere at a certain time – we wake up after 8am when it’s still dark outside and lately we’ve been managing to stay up until 10pm!

  2. Hi Judy and Greg

    The BBC are doing live programmes this week called STARGAZING LIVE. Like you, are looking for the NORTHERN LIGHTS. One presenter went up in a plane last evening and got pictures of a green glow .People in Scotland were sending in very good photo’s from there . Clearer skies are forecast for this evening, so hopefully ,we shall have better pictures . Not as good as being there as you are but it has been most enjoyable viewing from an armchair and in the warm.
    As Cher sings in her latest song ,” Hope you find what you are looking for”
    Love Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret, we’re hoping to see some good Lights today/tonight. We’re staying near a lake ( which is not very hard to do in Finland, there are THOUSANDS of them!) and plan to take our folding chairs down, sit by the edge, wait and watch.
      Keep warm! xxx

  3. Hi Judy
    We shall be watching on TV about 8 pm ,our time.
    Of course, it won’t be as exciting as being where you are .
    Hope you get a wonderful spectacle .
    Good luck
    Margaret xx

  4. ITS ME I tried to send you a message this morning but they said I had timed out what ever that is is that because you are in no mans land have not seen any rain its a barmy 32 calm seas what more could you ask for only going to be in the 40s next week why would you wont SNOW marks your feet and fingers glow be sensible now I do hope with all the pain you have see the northern lights THE RORE BORE ELIS I know I have spelt it wrong but you know what I mean what have you got on wheels to keep on the road that Snow takes me back 60 years going to peoples homes to free there pipes of ice I really hope you are enjoying the snow and keeping Warm

    1. Hello Ron and Faye! I’d offer to bring some snow home for you to cool you down, but it probably wouldn’t make it all the way home. We really are enjoying the snow and keeping warm isn’t too much of a problem with heated cars, heated buildings and thermals for when we want to spend some time outside. We’re back in Norway, in Tromso, hoping for some lights. They were really good here last night, so fingers crossed. xxx

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