We made it to Abisko. We arrived late (about 7pm) so rather than search in the dark for a campsite, we slept in the back of the car.  We passed the Arctic circle, with it getting dark about 1:30pm. The lowest temperature we had today was -8C at Abisko, with most of the day the temperature hovering around -5C. No Northern Lights yet, but we can see stars.

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crossing the Arctic circle

Afternoon shopping at Kiruna

2 thoughts on “Abisko

  1. Oh dear – my toes are cold. Early years in Scotland (there are Lights there too), I remember well the freezing cold…… it warms up for then snow…… the biting wind (you haven’t any biting wind?) I am full of admiration. It was near 50degrees in Moomba today – there’s a comfort for you!

    1. Hello there, dear Hazel! We read about the heat in Moomba, and how it was still 44C at Oodnadatta late into the night. So different to here, where it got down to -8C yesterday afternoon. No biting wind ….yet. We’re sitting in a cafe looking out at lots of snow and a lake that isn’t frozen (must try to find out why), have just had a smorgasbord breakfast, and we’re listening to Abba. Ha!
      Love to you and Ozi, and pats for Pippa and Ned.

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